Monday, October 29, 2012

Ceviche Secrets

I love ceviche. It's half the reason why I stayed here in Peru. Well that and the really really long lefts. Each country I visit has amazing food, it's one of the main joys of traveling, but Peru takes it to a whole new level. It's out of this world! Ceviche, Tiradito, Saltado, it's all so good. The other great thing is the fresh fish. Each little coastal town  (especially up north) has a pier. You can meet the fishermen as they come off their boats to buy freshly caught fish.

While I was living up north the locals taught me to cook traditional Peruvian ceviche. Lots of people have been asking me for the recipe, but you'll just have wait until the next issue of WSSM.

To accompany the article  I shot a Ceviche cooking segment for the mag. It was a blast running around the local market filming and buying ingredients. Except the security guys at the market place told us we couldn't shoot, so we tried to sneak around incognito. I ended up behind the counter at the fish stand doing an impromptue live cooking show as the vendor taught me to prep fillets for ceviche.

Here's a few snap shots from the video.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lobing It

Latest video project. Filmed this around Lobitos Lodge the past few weeks. We had a blast chasing everyone around with the camera. The one big barrel shot is of my friend Segundo. That day was absolutely firing. I remember standing up on the rocks at El Hueco shooting this and just loosing my mind!

Big cheers to the amazing Kaiquin Castro Botto for helping me film/edit this. I would like to say I did most of it, but the truth is this was his baby.

I'm hearing this song in my sleep now and it's driving me nuts. See more of Kaiquin's work at his latest project Eighty West The lucky bastard just set off for a month to shoot Puerto Escondido in Mex. Here's hoping he comes back alive.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rolling Stone

And just like that it's over. Add it to the experience pile - the "remember that one time I thought it would be fun to manage a hotel in Northern Peru...."

Now I'm back in Lima the grey. and. it's. bloody. amazing! I don't even care about the cold or the lack of surf. Right now I'm in bed watching a movie, and it's so good to have some chill time.

There's so much I want to write about Lobitos. Lots of stories. But for now my writing brain is fried from playing catch up with magazine deadlines, so instead here are some pics.

I'm going to miss you Lobitos!