Sunday, September 22, 2013


Oh my poor little blog, you get so neglected when I'm not traveling! If I'm not out doing something crazy on the road I guess I figure it's not worth writing about. But then I realise hang on, the past couple months haven't been THAT bad. There was a work experience trip to Indonesia to shoot for Red Bull and TransWorld Surf, traveling through Lombok, bikini shoots and more... so I'll start with the bikini shoot :)

I met two Perth surfer girls Kel and Rachael out in the lineup in Peru. Now were all back in Australia, and I got the pleasure of shooting the campaign for their new bikini company Cenote Swimwear. Inspired by South American designs (meaning nice and SMALL in the bum!), the collection features beautiful vibrant colours and cheeky cuts. I'm so excited to finally find a Perth company making cheeky cut bikini bottoms. I started wearing them in Latin America, and I could NEVER turn back to wearing full sized saggy bummed designs. It rained all day of the shoot, so I'm so happy the pictures turned out. Have a look at the link bellow to see my images featured on Designed by WA website and the Cenote Swimwear website. So proud!

p.s. Did I mention they're designed for surfing in?

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